Anonymous On The Internet

Is it possible to be on the internet and at the same time be anonymous? Most people want to remain anonymous while browsing the web, and at the same time are well aware that 100% anonymity is impossible online. Therefore, if your intentions are to do something inappropriate or illegal while online, you should be aware that you will never fully succeed in hiding it.

However, there are still some methods that allow you to achieve some level of anonymity. In order to stay hidden you should never disclose any private information, and even when such is required, you must fill only partial details of it. Make sure you know how to distinguish dangerous emails that are after your private information. Protect your computer with Spyware and never visit websites that look suspicious.

While online, you are using your IP address to browse the net. That same IP address can be used to track you down and find your geographic location. The IP location services make it possible for everyone to find the location of a person through his or her IP address. However, useful this service might be, it also makes it more difficult for people to remain anonymous, as it allows others to track them to their homes every time an IP address is recorded, after visiting a website. Extended ip address location information you can find online, where a number of websites offer the service for free. If you want to try one, visit at ip address location information.

According to the ip address location information every IP address left on the web can be traced back to its user with just few simple clicks. The IP Locator is not very precise and is not usually able to place an IP address in a precise household, but it still can tell you the country, region and city, it is coming from. So, if you want to stay anonymous, you should use a web based proxy while browsing the web. It will allow you to use an alternative IP address to load the websites you visit and only then will display them on your computer. Another way to do so is to connect to the net at a Wi-Fi hotspot and therefore, use once again and different IP address.

It is important to realize that none of those ways leaves you completely anonymous, as the person who is controlling the proxy, can easily find you and your private information, and the law-enforcement always can do the same. So, is the internet anonymity really just a myth? The truth is that every time we login in order to access a computer or the network, it can be traced back to us. In other words the ip address location information is the least of our problems when it comes to internet anonymity, as through it we cannot be traced back to our home addresses. The IP locator will simply give a general geographic location that is not tied to any postal address.